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Because of our mission to provide superior service and quality Seabold has earned the opportunity to be chosen for many building projects.


We have successfully completed hundreds of new multifamily, senior housing, commercial, industrial and public projects and facilities, mixed-use developments, and healthcare facilities provides us with a vast knowledge of most aspects of the construction industry.

We strongly encourage having involvement in the design/development process of the project where we can provide the team with important value engineering options and explore other cost and scheduling efficiencies crucial to the success of any project.

You can be confident that our depth of experience and knowledge will be of tremendous benefit to you and the team as we move forward with a project. Because of our mission to provide superior service and quality Seabold has earned the opportunity to be chosen for many building projects.

Principal Involvement

Upper management is always intimately involved with each and every project. This ensures that all of our projects receive the attention they deserve throughout the construction process. Beginning with pre construction and continuing through completion oversight of the project is always in the forefront.

Commitment to Partnering

Partnering is an essential building block of each and every project. The development of solid teamwork and communication be-tween the owner, architect, contractor, consultants, subcontractors, and vendors allows the team to set and follow common goals to ensure a successful project from the outset. We pride ourselves on developing long lasting relationships with everyone we work with, and also earning their respect as we deliver high quality projects on time and within budget.

We pride ourselves on developing long lasting relationships with everyone we work with, and also earning their respect as we deliver high quality projects on time and within budget.

Seabold Construction Co., Inc. brings years of successful construction experi-ence for clients who want a team partner capable of delivering a quality project on time and within a pre-described budget; with the ability to work with multiple public funding sources each with unique underwriting criteria.

We have successfully completed over 3,000 new multifamily, senior, and farm worker housing units and have a broad range of construction experience including ground-up and renovated residential multifamily housing, senior living and healthcare facilities, retail and tenant improvements, commercial construction, and industrial projects; many of which have been with repeat clients.

Our projects have provided housing for low-income individuals and families, seniors, and farm workers throughout Oregon and Southwest Washington. Many of our projects have been Type V wood construction consisting of one to four stories over concrete slab on grade with commercial uses, retail trade, parking, and/or services at the ground floor. Additionally, many of our projects have targeted low-income populations at 30%-80% of median income.

Green Building

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Design Build

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Pre Construction

The preconstruction period is critical to the overall success of any project, as it provides the opportunity for all team members to focus their individual and collective efforts toward a final, successful result. Solid planning and ground-work during the preconstruction period will go a long way to help ensure construction of the project is a smooth and efficient process.

The following general activities are undertaken during the preconstruction period:

Initial team meeting to review scope and intent of project. The team generally consists of the estimator, project manager, and in some cases superintendent, who will review progress sets of drawings and specifications so that early challenges or opportunities can be identified and addressed.

Review of constructability and the impact of overall construction cost and scheduling of project (i.e. existing site conditions, project lay-out, site constraints and phasing of the work, etc.)

Develop the preliminary construction budget and schedule development; drawing on expertise from current and past projects.

Analyze potential value engineering opportunities and develop a list for review with project team. Value engineering means more than just cost savings, it’s an opportunity to provide options for review that may present as a higher cost in the beginning, but can show long-run savings.

Assess the marketplace and identify potential subcontractors and vendors with experience and capacity to accommodate project scope. We accomplish this by utilizing our current extended list of subcontractors and vendors as well as opening up options for new bidders with a focus on M/W/ESB candidates.

Attend neighborhood meetings with project team and provide construction related input as may be required to meet the individual project’s needs and specifications.

Formally bid project once contract documents are complete. Review sub-bids with team and prepare contract amount. Prepare and execute AIA Construction Contract

Post Construction

Our commitment to serving our clients “after the dust has settled” is as important to us as the effort and commitment we make in building the project. The following activities will be undertaken during the post construction period:

Maintain continued contact and be immediately available to owner to ensure the smooth transition through start up, warranty period, and beyond.

Continue to train onsite owner’s personnel and maintenance professionals in all building systems’ operations.

Prepare, deliver, thoroughly review, and explain, to owner and maintenance personnel, all required as-built drawings, O&M Manuals, warranties, and test certificates concerning maintenance.

Meet with owner and architect to do “one-year” warranty review and punch list.

Service and assist owners’ needs after one-year warranty period.


We are just as committed to you and your project after the dust settles as we are at our first meeting. Our Warranty Department will do everything in its power to make sure you are satisfied with your finished project.

Seabold Construction maintains contact with our subcontractors and vendors throughout the warranty period to ensure prompt service for those unforeseen hiccups during the first year following project completion, and easy access to our Warranty Department will make sure your questions and concerns are handled promptly and to your complete satisfaction.

Drug & Alcohol

We recognize drug and/or alcohol use and/or abuse poses a significant threat to our employee safety and welfare goals. Recognizing our legal and moral responsibilities relating to the problem of drugs, we support and are committed to maintaining a drug-free workplace.

The company prohibits the manufacture, distribution, dispensation, possession, transfer or sale of drugs in the workplace. It is strictly against company policy for any employee to use or possess alcohol or illegal drugs or abuse legal substances while on company premises or company occupied properties.

It is strictly against company policy to report for work under the influence of illegal drugs or alcohol, and any employee found in violation of this policy will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Our written Alcohol & Drug Policy
is included in our Safety Manual

Quality Control

As the General Contractor for your project, Seabold’s primary goal is to exceed your expectations by providing a quality, long lasting product.

Quality Control, Safety, and Warranty team works with the construction team to identify and address quality assurance areas.

An independent inspector traveling to each project unannounced also helps to ensure subcontractors are constructing and installing doors, windows, roofing material, etc. according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Quality Control reports are prepared and reviewed before, during, and after each construction phase to ensure subcontractors’ work is in compliance with established quality standards. Records of these inspections and reports are kept for 10 years.

Near the end of each phase and certainly towards the end of project completion, an inspection is conducted in which a “punch list” is developed addressing every quality issue. The subcontractors performing the work are held accountable and must comply with all quality issues identified.


Seabold Construction Co., Inc. has a primary concern for the safety and well-being of all of our employees*; we recognize construction work involves many types of physical hazards, and we are confident accidents and risks can be greatly reduced if every employee knows and follows safety practices, understands and complies with the company’s drug and alcohol policy, and maintains quality control policies and programs overseen by our jobsite Superintendents.

The effectiveness of any safety program depends directly upon the participation and cooperation of management supervision. Their coordinated effort is essential for producing satisfactory results. Management must demonstrate total support for the program and our management team is completely supportive of the program currently in place.

Training is given during pre construction meetings, new hire orientations, and/or on-site safety meetings, to ensure all employees are up to date on our policies and programs.

We have been proactive in providing carefully trained, well-equipped crews to all of our projects and facilities with our objectives as follows:

  1. Provide a Safety Program ensuring compliance with all applicable Owner, Local, State, and Federal, requirements
  2. Eliminate personal injury to all employees
  3. Eliminate property damage

In 2004-2005, Seabold Construction received the Associated General Con-tractor’s Certificate of Commendation for a loss ratio of 10% or less for that policy period.

*The term “employee” as used in our safety policy is intended to refer to any subcontractor, vendor, or supplier, as well as any sub-tiered contractor(s), vendor(s), or supplier(s) performing work for Seabold, on our projects or at our facilities.

Copies of our Safety Manual
Available Upon Request