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Government Assisted Housing Construction

At Seabold Construction, we treat every project, large or small, with the same careful eye and attention to detail.  Our experience with government assisted and special needs housing all over the western states has earned us an outstanding reputation among our peers in the industry, as well as the clients we build for.

We have built many projects that have utilized government financing such as HUD, NAHASDA, BETZ, Home Funds, and many different state and federal housing program funds. Whatever the finance vehicle you prefer Seabold is there to assist you in acquiring the funds you need for your new or remodel project. That’s why we will work closely with your team members to make sure we see your vision exactly as you do, our desire is to be an extension of the owner on every project we undertake. We feel that it is our responsibility to closely monitor the project always looking for savings that can pass back to the ownership. Seabold believes in being a partner on your project not just a “contractor”.

When we are involved in the design/development process early on we can provide you with important value engineering options, constructability reviews, and project cost reviews at every stage of development. We also will be diligent concerning any other cost and scheduling efficiencies that can be achieved.

Teamwork is crucial to the success of any project; you will find Seabold Construction to be a team player at every stage of the project. Even after completion we will be there as needed to provide advice, correct deficiencies, adjust equipment, and/or any other help our clients need. Seabold’s primary goal is to always exceed owners’ expectations by providing a beautiful, quality, long lasting product.


Another area that Seabold Construction specializes in is Special Needs Housing (memory care, mentally challenged, drug rehab, etc.). We have completed numerous special needs living facilities and are familiar with the requirements of special needs housing projects. Seabold can help with your next special needs housing project by providing the same attention to detail, constructability and cost reviews, production schedules, and so on that are needed to keep your project on track.


When it comes to providing Native American housing Seabold is a leader in the field. We have successfully built hundreds of single and multifamily homes for our Native American Tribal clients and are looking forward to constructing many more. Seabold’s familiarity with the special requirements of working on Tribal lands such as, TERO, hiring of tribal members, no work tribal holidays, utilization of tribal subcontractors, etc. has made us one of the most preferred non tribally owned contractors around.

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