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Industrial & Commercial Construction

Local businesses are at the heart of most American communities.  Whether in a sprawling city, or small town, Seabold Construction has had the opportunity to be chosen for many industrial and commercial construction building projects in Oregon, Washington, Arizona, Utah, Georgia, Nevada, and all throughout the Western US. Our depth of knowledge and reputation for completing projects on time and on budget have earned Seabold a reputation as the go to contractor for many industrial and commercial clients.

Our Vision

Because of our belief that the customer is not just a valued client, but also part of a long term relationship, a large part of our business comes from repeat clients. We are committed to providing the right team to fit with the owner’s vision for their particular project. Seabold Construction always strives to provide the expertise needed for a smooth running project from beginning to end. Many times contractors will spend most of their project management time “trying to keep up” with the hope that the project will be done on time and budget. We at Seabold believe in a proactive approach, one that closely manages and monitors every project as if it were the only one we were working on! We believe that every owner deserves the best we can provide, all the time, not just some of the time.

Our business approach tends to attract highly qualified management personnel that not only have the experience and knowledge in the industry, but also bring with them a depth of capacity and a history of fiscally sound project management. With more than one hundred twenty years of experience between Seabold’s upper management staff we have more than enough horsepower to complete any project to our client’s satisfaction.

Seabold has provided services to a wide variety of industrial and commercial clients, including Freightliner, Johnson Controls, Tektronix, and International Paper, to name a few. Our team experience runs the gamut from new Freightliner facilities in Georgia, to industrial re-piping at Everett Naval Base in Washington, to remodeling of paper mills, food processing plants, and commercial office space. When you choose Seabold to build your next commercial or industrial project you can be confident that Seabold will protect your interests as we also complete your project on time and on budget. Whether you are building a new facility or remodeling an existing one Seabold’s relationships with design and engineering professionals all over the United States will give you the competitive edge you need to complete your project efficiently thereby saving time and money.

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